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Baby Tears

Baby Tears

Title: Baby Tears
Original: 11 x 17 inches with watercolor on Arches cold press
Author: Conni Johnson

This text points us to our Father when there is a need for comfort and healing, specifically in this case in the loss of a baby. If this is the situation for you, I pray you will see the love and goodness of our Father working in fresh ways in and around you and will find his mercy and healing in the midst of the pain.
As I was working on this, God definitely had his hand in the creative process. I had finished the lettering, thought the piece was done and was cleaning my brush when a drop of water fell on some letters. I looked at this and asked, “God what are you telling me?”. I realized this drop of water was to be a tear.
After giving it a little shape I added more “tears”. God used my oversight, my “mistake” and a little blurry mess”, to bring completeness to this project. So I give thanks for God's presence, his great sacrificial love, shown through Jesus Christ and the ways he walks with us in our lives.