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Keywords:Advent, Christmas, God, God's faithfulness, John, John 1:14, New Testament, Word, Word became flesh, burgundy, collage, decorative paper, full of glory, glory, grace, green, hand decorated paper, hope, hopeful, hoping, inspiration, inspiring, lived among us, scripture, spiritual, torn paper, truth, watercolor


Title: Word
Original: 2000, 9 x 11.5 inches, watercolor and gouache on Arches cold press with paper collage
Text: John 1:14
Published: cover art for The Lutheran Magazine, December 2000
John tells the story of Jesus in his gospel and emphasizes eternal truths as well as historic facts. God loved the world in a radical, remarkable way—he sent his only son Jesus to be his personal expression of himself, to have flesh and blood like us and live among us. Word literally means Christ.
WORD was designed to anticipate the sacrifice to come on Good Friday, but also Christ's victory over death at Easter. The Word and the cross have come to the WORLD.