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Discomfort • Teal-Blue

Discomfort • Teal-Blue

Title: Discomfort • Teal-Blue
Original: 2005 10 x 13 inches
Media: watercolor and acrylic on Lanaquarelle

Why does this Franciscan Blessing ask God to bless with discomfort, anger and tears? To what end do we need to recognize half-truths, superficiality, injustice? How can one be so moved to tears we would risk reaching beyond our comfort zone in this world?
Can I make a difference in this world with my life?

This Franciscan gives a glimpse into the truth of believing in God as revealed through Jesus Christ. Through Christ we see God's heart grieving for his people and his world. God gives us Jesus Christ to show that through him we can make a difference • bondage can be turned to freedom • sadness and depression into joy • what the world sees as wise is foolish in God's eyes • growth in wisdom and joy comes with discomfort, struggle and suffering.