Penscriptions - custom designs of inspiration and hope | Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated by the power of 'thoughts made visible' and the mystery of the word as a vehicle of communication across generations. I use calligraphy to explore the integration of message, design and faith. As a freelance calligrapher and artist, I am challenged by the creative process and incorporating a variety of tools, materials, and techniques to present the written word. Words of Scripture and those of ancient or contemporary writers inspire me to treasure my relationship with God and others and to affirm and celebrate life and God's presence in our world. Generally, I offer a perspective on the grace of God, nature and human life through quotation and graphic art.


Calligrapher Friedrich Neugebauer expresses so well the way in which I view my work:

This is my vision of a studio for lettering and book design: it is a place where simple elemental shapes are joined together in precise harmony and soon awaken as meaningful communication - all in an atmosphere of warmth and wonder…

The lettering artist reaches a decision to give himself over to those values which confirm his nature and strengthen his belief and knowledge. This commitment stirs and challenges his entire being. The artist uses the architectural quality and order of letters and layout to express ideas with power and feeling.

The texture and form of the printed words grow out of the inner meaning of the text and create a special statement—

As the custodians of our oral traditions, it is essential that we all choose and create texts that have real meaning for us, so that people reading the words at a later time will sense the emotional solidity and truth in what they read.


Other quotes:

The qualities of letterforms at their best are order, simplicity and grace. William A. Dwiggins

Letters act as practical and useful signs but also as pure form and inner melody. Wassily Kandinsky

Writing is performed by movements: it is a dance of the pen. Alfred Fairbanks

Contained in every bottle of ink is at least one good letter, and it's at the bottom! Peter Thornton

Whence did the wondrous mystic art arise, of painting speech and speaking to the eyes? That we, by tracing magic lines, are taught how to embody and to colour thoughts. William Massey