Penscriptions - custom designs of inspiration and hope | Welcome


WHO • Judy Dodds, owner and artist

WHAT WE DO • expressive images of hand-lettered calligraphy using traditional and contemporary tools and materials

WHAT WE OFFERcommission work ~~ for your one-of-a-kind special projects or events

       websites ~~ view and purchase products

       products ~~ prints, matted and framed, canvas wraps, greeting cards, tempered glass trivets

WHY • Since elementary school, I have loved working with letters and color. I live day by day inspired, trusting and seeing God's faithfulness, grace and mercy. I process issues and concepts of life and faith with words, lettering pens, ink, watercolor, acrylics and papers. Creating these "thoughts made visible" reminds me my life is a creative process; rough, imperfect. God, my Creator, Master Artist, creator of all, lavishly gives His Word & inspiration, His saving grace & His redeeming love.

WHEN • I began Penscriptions in 1984. 

I hope you find here some inspiration for your life, new insight into God's truths and words to encourage and bless those so special to you.

Thank you for stopping by,