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St Patrick's Breastplate

St Patrick's Breastplate

Title: St. Patrick's Breastplate
Media: watercolor on Frankfurt
Original size: 12 x 38 inches

St. Patrick was a man of great spiritual power. His influence transformed Ireland from pagan to Christian.
This prayer is called St Patrick's Breastplate because of those parts of it that seek God's protection. It is also known as The Deer's Cry or The Lorica.
Celtic Monks pray this in the morning when they awaken. In a worship, they may say it or sing it. This link is one of many on the internet.
The binding St. Patrick speaks of here is like a pledge or commitment. There is a great sense of love, devotion and duty to the Trinity and the theological virtues of faith, hope, love. It expresses trust in God's providential care that comes from his goodness and mercy. Equating this prayer to a 'protective energy' is a reference to paganism which St. Patrick would have fought against in Ireland.
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