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Rejoice II

Rejoice II

Title: Rejoice II
Media: watercolor and gold leaf on Arches hot press
Size of Original: 12 x 15 inches
Text: Philippians 4:4-7
Original: in the permanent collection of First Presbyterian Church, South Saint Paul, MN

Traditional illumination techniques, similar to those used on ancient manuscripts 700 years ago, were used in designing the vine work and illuminated initial. Here is the process I used: 1. Layout — carefully planned and drawn in pencil 2. Gesso — applied with quill to areas that will be 23K gold leaf 3. Gilding — gold leaf applied and burnished to bright shine 4. Painting — light and dark colors are applied and blended for shading 5. Lettering — main text written 6. Highlighting — white paint added to give definition and depth 7. Outlining — black added to give definition and clarity 8. Gold filigree and tooling on gold fields — added for final detailing