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Keywords:Grapes IV • Orange, Painting • no text, artful, artistry, blue, brown, communion, edible, fine art, food, fruit, grape leaves, grapes, green, growth, illustration, leaves, orange, painting, paintings, vine, vine fruit, vines, watercolor
Grapes IV • Orange

Grapes IV • Orange

Title: Grapes !V
Original: 2006, 5.5x14.5 inches, watercolor on Arches cold press

I love nature and working with the leaves and grapes, gradually bringing out their structure, the shadows and play of light.
The leaves are painted on the vein side, then pressed on wet paper. More watercolor is applied to the wet paper and wax paper ‘grapes’ are pressed on the paper. When this is completely dry, leaves and wax paper are removed. Painting one layer after another gradually builds depth and definition in the image.