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ah! Music

ah! Music

Title: ah! Music
Original: 1993, 11 x 9.5 inches, watercolor on Arches paper

A Beethoven sonata becomes more skillfully played as technique with notes, phrasing, dynamics and rests is mastered.
It becomes art as the musician infuses the notes with color, passion and emotion balanced with pauses between the notes filled with anticipation and quiet breathing space.
In making music of my life, I need to gain perspective on the notes (the dynamics of relationships, moments, events). I can be overwhelmed with the color, passion and emotion of the days and seasons.
I need intentional balance to be more focused, fulfilling and purposeful with rests and pauses.
In this way, I hope to give expression to the entire score (of life) God has given.

The piano background was made by cutting wax paper into the white keys, arranging them to allow space for the black keys, then applying the paint.