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Psalm 27

Psalm 27

Title: Psalm 27
Year: 2019
Media: Watercolor on fine art paper
Text: Psalm 27
These 14 verses begin and end with the writers' strong declaration of confidence in God and his sustaining presence and power in all adversity.
He encourages others to follow his faithful example - recalling who the Lord is and what he has done; talking with the Lord about all the stuff with which he is dealing and asking his continued presence and work in his life (vs. 7-12).
This is a song of hope within circumstances - enemies (vs. 2-3), being shut out from the House of the Lord (vs. 4), being separated from father and mother (vs. 10) and being falsely accused (vs. 12).
Recommendation: A SHELTER in the time OF STORM, meditations on God and trouble by Paul David Tripp on Psalm 27