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God at Work

God at Work

Title: God at Work
Original: 13x18 inches, watercolor on Arches hot press
Text: 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13

Published: The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy and Illuminated Letters by Janet Mehigan and Mary Noble, 2005, England.

Background: In Roman times Thessalonica was a provincial capital of Macedonia with over 200,000 people. Today it is one of the largest cities of modern Greece. Paul, in 50 AD, established a Christian community of a few Jewish converts and a large number of Greeks. In this excerpt from chapter 2, Paul summarizes his mission work among them and sees the evidence of God's grace - their love, hope, steadfastness. The Word of God, received by them and evidenced in human attitudes and relationships, is a divine message that works in believers through the Holy Spirit.